Find a Job in Australia book coverNadine Myers has just released her 4th book on Amazon, and this one she is making free for the first 5 days!

The book is called, ‘Find a Job in Australia’, and this is what Ms Myers says about it:

“It is overwhelming how difficult it can be to find a job in Australia, whether you are seeking employer sponsorship, or already have PR, WHV or working rights for Australia. The frustration I have felt over the years for people in this situation is what lead to the birth of this book, ‘Find Jobs in Australia’.

The aim of this book is to do just what it says: to help people ‘find jobs in Australia’; and to teach them the strategies that have assisted other people to land a job in Australia.

There are definitely some secrets to successfully securing a job in Australia, otherwise you’d have one already, right?

This book will not only help you determine whether you qualify to migrate to Australia, but also prepare you for applying for jobs in Australia, as well as help you to develop a successful job application strategy to ensure that you secure your ideal job in Australia as quickly as possible.

This book has been set out to showcase the key points that you will need to consider when applying for jobs in Australia and how to be successful in your endeavour to secure employment. You will learn what some of the secrets to finding a job in Australia are, and also WHY they are necessary for landing a job in Australia. This will allow you to take a completely new approach to your Australian job search and your job applications, and ensure that you achieve success from now on.

You are worth that job and life that you really want in Australia, and this book will assist you to achieve it.”


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