How would you know whether your Australian resume is up to scratch?

One way to tell is whether you are receiving any response from your Australian job search. Another way to tell is, if you are receiving a response, is it positive? In most cases, if you have been searching for jobs in Australia for an extended period and are not receiving any positive results; it is likely that your Australian resume is not working for you. We’re here to help!


What is it that makes Australian resumes different from resumes in other countries? There are a few main things that set Australian resumes apart:

  • They tend to be 3-4 pages in length
  • They do not contain much personal information
  • They tend to include a lot of detail in regards to work history, information on past employers and work responsibilities
  • They do not include a photograph – very important
  • Always include dates of employment, including from month and year to month and year
  • Only include post-secondary / tertiary qualifications (unless your secondary education is your highest level of education); and keep the details brief
  • Australian resumes also include professional referees or references, including your most recent and contact information such as email and telephone number.



The main reason why templates work, is because they were designed to not only meet, but to exceed, Australian employers’ expectations.

Our templates are attractive, meet all requirements of Australian resumes and are easy to use.

Our templates highlight the key information in your work experience and education; and effectively draw Australian employers’ attention to the aspects of your background that they are specifically looking for.

Further, our Australian resume templates have been tested and proven to be successful in the Australian job market by various overseas and local Australian job seekers.



Our Australian resume templates have been split up so that you can quickly and easily find the resume template that is most suitable for your occupation.

Simply select the occupational group that you fit into; for example,  Accounting Resume, Project Manager Resume, IT Resume, Executive Resume etc.

You can then select from the various templates available under that category, and be sure to select colours that you feel reflect your personality; as this will give an additional edge to your Australian resume, and help Australian employers to get a more rounded picture of who you are.



We have made it super simple for you to select the right Australian resume template for you, and to quickly purchase and download your resume template so you can get started straight away and start applying for jobs.

Once you have selected the template that is most suitable, simply click on the PayPal button and follow the instructions to make payment. Templates start from AU$7 and go up to AU$9 for the Premium resume templates, so are extremely affordable.

Once you have completed your payment, you will be taken to the resume template download page. Here, you can simply click on the resume template link and the Word Document will download.

Be sure to save your resume template document to your computer, and don’t forget to also download and save your bonus matching Australian cover letter template.

Each template gives you instructions to follow so that you can create an effective and competitive resume for Australia.

If you would like more detailed instructions on how to write an effective resume and cover letter for Australia, you can also purchase our step-by-step eBooks, together with ALL Australian Resume templates for only AU$27. Visit: to learn more.

If you have questions about any of our Australian resume templates, feel free to leave a comment on any of the pages at, or contact us at the Contact Us page.


Solutions for Your Australian Job Search

Your Australian resume is a very important part of your successful job search; however, below are a few extra tips that should help you to improve your job search in Australia and increase your success rate.



The Australian Government advises overseas job seekers to apply multiple strategies to your job search, rather than simply applying for jobs through the major job search websites such as and . Suggestions of other strategies that you should be applying include the ‘hidden job market’, networking, and pro-active job seeking.



Some experts say the hidden job market contains up to 80% of all jobs available in the market. This means, if you’re not tapping into this massive resource of jobs, you are not even accessing HALF of all jobs available. One of the best ways to access the hidden job market is through Networking.



If you’re not using your networks to find jobs in Australia, you should be. To put it in perspective, if you have 100 friends/colleagues, and each of those have a further 100 friends/colleagues; then by utilising your network you should be accessing approximately 10,000 people!

You can network both online and offline; although online is faster. Expand your networks through professional networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook; and let everyone you know aware of your job search in Australia, asking for assistance to get your resume out there.



This is where you know what kind of job you want and what type of company; and with that information you identify the top companies in Australia you would like to work for. Whether these companies have current vacancies or not; you can send your resume to these companies for potential future opportunities. You will be surprised at the response from this type of self-marketing.



This is our number one recommendation, as those with a positive attitude are more likely to find the job that they want!

Resume Australian Templates

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Happy job hunting, and be sure to contact us when you successfully find a job in Australia as we love to hear all of your job search success stories!