ResumeAustralia has over the past two years developed 14 high-impact Australian resume templates that are designed to meet Australian employers’ expectations and increase the likelihood of being invited for an interview.

All 14 of our Australian resume templates have been tested in the Australian job market and have proven to be successful in gaining more positive responses from job seeker’s job applications in Australia.

These templates are now available for your use, so that more people can experience a higher success rate, and increase their chance of finding their dream job in Australia.

Each of the 14 resume templates are set out to make it easy for you to simply fill in the gaps with the required information, and follow the instructions on how to set out the information so that it presents your skills and experience most effectively.

Each template offers a recommendation of the type of industry it would be suitable for, to make it easier for you to select the right template for you.

Further, each template is available for your purchase at the extremely low cost of AU$7, or AU$9 for the premium templates (suited to more senior-level positions).

When you review the ResumeAustralia template options, you can also view a snapshot of each template, and by clicking on the snapshot you can see a larger view so you can get a better idea of the presentation of the information on the templates (as per the template snapshot below).

As an additional bonus, each Australian resume template comes with an Australian cover letter template, that is designed to compliment the specific resume template that you select.

The cover letter template is also set out with instructions on how to complete it, with spaces asking for specific information for you to simply “plug in”.

Some testimonials from clients from various countries are set out below:

“This is my first job application reply throughout 3 years of sending resume in Australia market. This is good start for me, and thanks again for the fantastic resume. regards, Tommy” – Singapore

“Thanks again…I now have a very professional but eye-catching “Australian friendly” resume! I will be proud to present it to any agent or possible employer. Annelise Olivier” – South Africa

“Thanks…It looks marvellous“, Daniel – Italy

“Many thanks for the (cover) letter, its perfect and I will be able to update it depending on the position…I will strongly recommend your services.” Nicolene – South Africa

“The resume is ace! A fantastic job, thank you.” Miriam – UK

“I sent in my resume to the job I really wanted and had a call-back straight away. Although they had already made a decision on filling the role they called me in for an interview and created a position for me. My new manager kept saying throughout the interview what an awesome resume I have!” Anna Shutermeja – Canada

I’m going to start job hunting asap, just knowing I have a great looking resume is boosting my job hunting confidence.” Joel – Canada

“I showed my agent the resume…she said her colleague just went “Wow! Who is that? Looks very impressive!!” Today I also got a very quick response from two (recruitment) agents as well.”  Julie Wang – Singapore

“I have managed to find a job and secure a 457 sponsorship and will be arriving in Perth on the 1st of May.  The Australian CV was the first point of communication and opened the door It was money worth well for me, I am blown away by the responses I have had since converting my CV in this very professional format.” Angie – South Africa

So?  What are you waiting for?  Pick up your Resume Australia Template now and start changing your response to your job applications!  Click here to view all templates.