Learn why you are having so much trouble finding jobs in Australia, and what you can do to improve your job search efforts; from Nadine Myers, Australia’s Emigration Job Search Strategist, and Amazon best selling author of various books on job search in Australia.

Nadine Myers talks about:

– Why it is difficult for people to find jobs from overseas
– The main challenges people face when applying for jobs in Australia from overseas
– Is it possible to find employer sponsorship in Australia?
– Why your CV is a very important part of your job search
– Why recruitment consultants in Australia are generally unhelpful
– How to best handle Australian recruitment consultants
– Why LinkedIn should be an important part of your Australian job search
– Why job search websites aren’t good enough on their own to find employment in Australia
– How to use job search websites more effectively
– What is the hidden job market, and why you are basically out of the game if you’re not using it
– Why tracking your job search can improve your success rate and how to do it
– The key to success
– Why Nadine created the Find Jobs in Australia packages
– How the Find Jobs in Australia packages can assist you to find jobs in Australia
– The best way to use the Find Jobs in Australia packages, and what’s included

For more information, visit http://www.sponsoredjobsinaustralia.com if you need help finding an Australian company to sponsor you; or http://www.findjobsinoz.com if you have permanent residency or working rights for Australia and need assistance finding your first Australian job.