Highlighting your Key Skills on your Resume

Having trouble highlighting your key skills on your CV and cover letter?

Want to know what skills you should be bringing attention to when applying for jobs?

Below you will find some easy ways that will help you to easily and effectively highlight your key skills so that you are matching what the Australian employer is looking for.


What Are Your Strengths?

The best place to start is to have a good think about what key skills you feel are your strengths in your industry, the things that you feel you can offer an Australian employer.

This part can be difficult for many people because let’s face it, we’re not all good at selling ourselves, are we? It’s easy to list out someone else’s great points and strengths, but when it comes to ourselves, we get dumbstruck. I think that we just haven’t been taught to look at our own positives and to talk about what we’re good at for fear that we will look like we’re boasting or that we have a big ego.

However, we need to get over this when it comes to finding a job, because if we can’t sell ourselves to employers, it will be very difficult to get their attention, or interest.

If you’re not doing very well with this part, can you remember what things other people have complimented you on? Where you’ve scored well in your annual review? Another good tip for finding out what your strengths are is to put yourself in your boss’s position – what would they say your strengths are? What would your colleagues say your strengths are? You can even ask them if you like! People who you have worked with have a good idea of some of the things that you do well, as well as some of the things that you aren’t so good at.

Feel free to contact a few people for this part, because it will be worthwhile to have a very good understanding of what kinds of skills you have that would be of benefit an Australian employer. This will make it much easier for you to highlight these on your CV and cover letter.


Use This Tip to Stand Out!

This second tip is one that not many people do…in fact, I am unaware of anyone who uses this tip when creating their CV or cover letter for Australia!  That means that tip is one that will make sure that you’re giving employers all the information that they need about you, to help them short list you for an interview.

When I tell you what it is, you’re probably going to be surprised, because it isn’t as hard as it sounds. I will set it out step by step below:


1)      Decide what type of job you are looking for

2)      Write down the job titles that come to mind from number 1)

3)      Go to www.seek.com.au

4)      Search each of the job titles on your list from number 2)

5)      Click on job adverts that appeal to you

6)      Take note of the selection criteria for each job

7)      Ensure you add all relevant selection criteria from 6) to the first page of your CV and to your cover letter


That’s it! Not so difficult, is it? So basically, you need to research loads of job adverts in Australia that are the types of jobs that you are looking for, and you will find that there will be common selection criteria across all of them. These are the ones you need to add to your CV and cover letter, so long as you have these skills, experience and qualifications.


Other Benefits of This Little-Known Tip

There may be a couple of bonuses that occur from doing this research to find the best skills to add to your CV and to highlight in your cover letter. Well, apart from finding loads of jobs you can apply for!

What may also happen is that you will find that many of the job adverts are asking for a particular qualification or skill that you can pursue so that you can add these to your CV. For example, there may be a certificate that many jobs are asking for you that you don’t have, that you can sign up for and complete in a short amount of time. Even if it is a longer course, you can at least start the course and add this to your CV as ‘currently completing’, to strengthen your CV further.

Or perhaps you require some experience in a certain skill that you can gain in your current job, just by asking your manager if you can get experience in that area. Once you have gained this experience you can add this skill to your CV, again, enhancing and strengthening your CV for future applications

Further, by doing this research, you will ensure that whatever jobs you do apply for, you will make sure you address all of the selection criteria – highlighting these on your CV and cover letter

Don’t forget – we always recommend adapting your CV and cover letter to every job you apply for. In this case, this will mean also adjusting your list of key skills where necessary.


Not Sure Where to Add your Key Skills ?

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